Expert Guidance

What is exit planning?

It is the creation of a comprehensive strategy to successfully exit a privately held business. A good exit plan asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in selling your company. It is a complex process, and one of our CFOs can be your expert guide.

Why exit plan?

  • Allows the business owner to control how and when they exit

  • Maximizes company value

  • Minimizes taxes

  • Generates multiple options

  • Helps achieve your personal and business goals

  • Reduces stress of business owner and all stakeholders

  • Decreases employee uncertainty

  • Preserves family harmony

  • Ensures the survival and continuity of the business

Only 25% of private businesses have done any exit planning. We know this can be a tough subject to think about, but at some point in your career, you will decide to retire or move on. It’s never to early to put a plan in place. Whether you decide to sell or keep your company, take control of the timing.


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