After decades of being CFOs in the business world and meeting hundreds of small business owners, one need became apparent: There are far too many businesses operating without financial guidance. Why? Most owners are not financial experts and, as entrepreneurs, they spend most of their time building their business.

Having an in-house CFO is an expensive investment for a small company, so most companies do the best they can with the staff they have, but never receive the hands-on strategic guidance they need.

We built Wolcott-Consulting to meet the need of the small business owner. We work as CFOs inside the businesses of our clients, providing them the financial tools they need to prosper, while freeing up their valuable time to focus on growth. We streamline their business and optimize their performance at a price that meets their budget. We help businesses of all sizes, industries, and locations. We work virtually with our clients and their teams everyday allowing us to maximize our impact while also serving customers across the United States.

As the preeminent Fractional CFO firm in the United States, we can handle all your strategic financial and accounting needs, all the way from company launch to an exit event or hiring a full-time CFO. We do not take a prescriptive approach as we appreciate that every company has unique needs. We can shore up your accounting practices, optimize your profit and cash flow performance, and assist you in exiting your business with our transition services. We understand small businesses owners because we are owners ourselves.

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Managing Director

Pete Henrikson, founder and Managing Director, partners with CEOs and entrepreneurs to advance their finance organization and drive best in class business optimization. After spending over two decades in corporate finance for publicly traded and privately held firms as well as working for a public accounting firm, Pete decided to take this diverse experience and provide strategic leadership to small to mid-size firms. As a small business owner himself, his passion for entrepreneurship is exuded through his educational and engaging brand of financial leadership. His drive to simplify the complexity of financial strategy allows business owners to easily assimilate advanced strategies and optimize their organizations performance.

Pete also holds significant experience in advanced pricing strategy, customer stratification and segmentation, supply chain optimization, and business turn around. Competencies which he believes are critical to building high performing, sustainable organizations. He has served in many roles over his career from CFO to General Manager to Vice President of Commercial Excellence. His broad business experience helps him relate to all functional areas of a organization, drive effective change management and understand what it takes to grow businesses profitably.

Pete holds undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Finance with a minor in Legal Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration in Finance with an emphasis in Corporate Strategy from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business school.

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Managing Director

Jackson spent the first 28 years of his life chasing his basketball dreams. After playing at The George Washington University and Christian Brothers University, he was a coach at the college level for six years. The competitiveness, leadership, and work ethic he learned in athletics have been differentiators for him in the business world as well.

After getting married, Jackson got into business with his father and brother at Rio Bravo Oilfield Services, where he quickly became CFO. This birthed a love for small business, as he developed the financial department from the ground up, sat on the Board of Directors, and touched every facet of the company. He went back to business school, receiving an Executive MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 2015.

After an exit event at Rio Bravo, he worked for a few years at a boutique investment bank, mainly focusing on due diligence of small businesses that were M&A targets. This is where the seeds of Wolcott Consulting were planted. In 2018, Jackson moved his wife, a native Carolinian, back home and founded Wolcott. 

With over a decade of experience as a small business CFO as well as business owner, Jackson’s passion is serving entrepreneurs. He understands intimately what it’s like to sit in their seat, both from a professional and personal standpoint. And his goal is to help build a firm that can be a true partner to as many business owners as possible. 

Jackson is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor.

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